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Enhanced Unzip Files Action Unzip Tab

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This tab of the Enhanced Unzip Files action specifies options for unzipping.


Filename: The source file to extract files from (required).


Action: The action to perform. Extract always extracts any matching files; Update extracts only files that don't exist in the destination or that are older than the corresponding version in the archive file; Freshen extracts only existing files that are older than the version in the archive file.


Files to process: Used to specify files or folders to include or exclude when unzipping (optional).  Specific attributes can also be included or excluded on the Attributes tab.


Include subfolders: Determines if subdirectories in the archive file will be searched recursively for matching files.


Include empty subfolders: If checked, matching empty subdirectories will be created in the archive.


Use directory names: If checked (the default), the folder information in the archive file will be used when extracting files.  If unchecked, all files will be extracted to the destination directory.


Destination: The destination path to extract files to (optional, will use the current directory if not specified). Important: Any existing, writeable files (and read-only files if the next option is checked) in the destination folder may be overwritten when extracting.


Overwrite read-only files: If checked, read-only files in the destination will be replaced.  If unchecked and a read-only file to be replaced exists, the file will be skipped.