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Logging (More) Options Tab

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These options from the application options dialog configure additional global log settings for builds:


Text File and Console App Logging Options


These options affect what is written to the build log file when using the Text logging format and the console when building with the console app.  Options for XML format are configured on the Filter tab of the Transform XML Log action.


Log level: Determines which log messages will be logged to the log file when building a project (messages with a level the same or lower than the level specified here will be logged).  This can be useful to reduce the amount of build activity logged during a normal build.  And if a step fails during the build, the FAILSTEP_OUTPUT macro (available from Failure Steps) will contain all logged messages for that step, even if they were not logged due to the Log level setting.


Logging of step starting events: Determines the logging behavior of step starting build events to a text file.


Include step numbers: If checked, each step's number is also logged (if logging step starting events).


Log skipped steps: If checked, steps skipped during a build will be logged to the file.



Other Logging Options


Strip carriage return/linefeed characters within log messages: If checked, new line characters are removed within each log message so that each message stays on the same line in the file.  If unchecked, the output contents are written to the log without changes.


Convert double quote characters to single quotes in step output macros: Whether to convert double quotes in the LASTSTEP_OUTPUT and FAILSTEP_OUTPUT system macros to single quotes.  Checking this option this can be useful if the macro will be referenced in script expressions, but it can cause problems for quoted values in XML output containing single quotes.


Escape special characters in step output macros: Whether to escape characters in the LASTSTEP_OUTPUT and FAILSTEP_OUTPUT system macros.  Bracket characters [ and ] normally denote a script expression to be inserted into a field, and the percent sign character % is normally used around a macro name for its value to be expanded within the field.  If this option is checked, these special characters in step output will be doubled [[ ]] %%.


Note: This option should be checked if the output macros will be referenced in step fields (i.e., %LASTSTEP_OUTPUT%) so that any special characters will be treated as literal characters.


Echo output from console programs called from Console app: Determines whether to echo the output of console programs called from a build using the Console application.  If checked, the output of any console programs called by a Run Program or VisBuildPro Project step or any action that calls the Builder object's RunProgram or RunProgramEx methods will be echoed to the console that VisBuildCmd is running in.  If unchecked, any output of such chained programs will not be echoed.