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Builder Object

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Performs a build of a Visual Build project.  The global Builder item is available to all script code


ProgId: VisBuildSvr9.Builder or VisBuildSvr.Builder (version-independent)


Note: The Builder component is an in-process server marked for Free threading (MTA).  A version marked for Both threading (MTA or STA) is also available.




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Note: See the Object Model and Script.bld samples for additional examples.


This VBScript sample code demonstrates loading a project and building it:


       Set objBld = CreateObject("VisBuildSvr.Builder")

       Set objApp = CreateObject("VisBuildSvr.Application")

       objBld.Initialize objApp


       objApp.Project.Load "C:\Program Files\VisBuildPro10\Samples\RegEdit.bld"





This Visual Basic 6.0 sample code demonstrates loading a project, starting a build, and notifying the user when it completes:


       Private WithEvents Builder As VisBuildSvr.Builder

       Private m_app As VisBuildSvr.Application


       Private Sub Builder_BuildDone(ByVal Status As VisBuildSvr.BuildCompletionStatusEnum)

               MsgBox "Build completed with status code " & Status

       End Sub


       Private Sub Builder_BuildStarting()

               Debug.Print "starting"

       End Sub


       Private Sub cmdStart_Click()

               m_app.Project.Load txtFilename

               Builder.Start       ' start, continue and handle events

               Debug.Print "started"

       End Sub


       Private Sub cmdStop_Click()


       End Sub


       Private Sub Form_Load()

               Set Builder = New VisBuildSvr.Builder

               Set m_app = New VisBuildSvr.Application

               Builder.Initialize m_app

       End Sub


       Private Sub Form_Unload()

               If Not Builder Is Nothing Then Builder.Uninitialize

       End Sub


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