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This tab of the user options dialog is used to configure options that apply to the Output pane.


Clear output pane before building: When checked, the Output pane is cleared at the beginning of each build.  If unchecked, the Output pane is appended to, and existing output from a previous build is not cleared.


Automatically scroll output pane to show most recent output: If checked, the Output pane will be scrolled during a build to show the most recent build output.


Include timestamps: If checked, a timestamp is displayed for each step logged to the Output pane.


Include step numbers: If checked, each step's index is also logged to the Output pane.  This allows navigating between a step and its output to work more consistently even if multiple steps have the same name.


Log skipped steps: If checked, steps skipped during a build will be logged to the Output pane.


Log level: Determines which log messages will be logged to Output pane when building a project (messages with a level that is the same or lower than the level specified here will be logged).  This can be useful to reduce the amount of build activity logged during a normal build.  And if a step fails during the build, the FAILSTEP_OUTPUT macro (available from Failure Steps) will contain all logged messages for that step, even if they were not logged due to the Log level setting.


Logging of step starting events: Determines the logging behavior of step starting build events to the Output pane.


Maximum output to retain: Specifies the maximum number of lines to keep in the Output pane.  If the number of lines logged to the view exceeds this value, lines at the beginning will be removed.  Enter 0 to prevent lines from being removed from the output pane.


Note: Even with this option checked, if the user scrolls the output pane up while a build is active, the output pane will not be automatically scrolled until the build is canceled, fails or completes and is restarted, or the user scrolls back to the end of the output pane.


Font/size: Specifies the font to use in the Output pane.