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Transform XML Log Action Filter tab

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This tab of the Transform XML Log action specifies filtering which builds and/or steps to include in the output document.  Builds and steps and be included or excluded by status (for instance, only failed builds), and the number of recent builds to include can also be specified.


Note: The fields on the Filter tab only apply if an XSLT stylesheet is specified on the Transform tab.  If the action is being used to transform another XML document (not a Visual Build log file), leave these fields at their default values so that no parameters will be applied to the stylesheet.


Builds to include: This field can be used to include all or to limit the number of builds to include in the output file.  A log file can contain an unlimited number of builds, but this field can be used to only include a maximum number of most recent builds.


Filter builds by completion status: Use to only include builds of one or more specific completion status codes.


Filter steps by build status: Use to only include steps of one or more specific build status codes.  Uncheck all statuses to exclude the detail section of the log report.


Filter step output: Use to filter the level of log messages that are included in the output and the length of output to include (if maximum output length is specified, each step's output is truncated at the maximum length specified.  Use a length of 0 to suppress the display of all step output).