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Map Drive Action

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The Map Drive action can be used to connect, disconnect or list mapped network paths and to substitute, delete, or list substituted drives.


Operation: The operation to perform.


Drive letter: The drive letter to assign or delete (optional when assigning or mapping drives).


If not specified, the next available drive letter is used and stored in the MAPDRIVE_LETTER temporary macro.


Folder or network path: The local drive and folder or network path to map to a drive letter (required).


Note: The following fields apply only when mapping a network path


Reconnect at login: Determines if the drive letter mapping is persisted between login sessions (applies only to Map operation).


Force disconnect: If checked, forces disconnection even if there are open files or searches pending on the connection (applies only to Disconnect operation).


Username: The domain\username credentials to use (optional).


Password: The password to provide for credentials (optional).


Show command-line: Determines if the command-line used is logged.