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New Features in Visual Build Pro Version 6

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Full undo/redo capability


Dockable panes, toolbars, menus, and themes
Full support for Windows Vista


Full keyboard shortcut customization


Forward/back navigation and support for dedicated mouse/keyboard forward/back buttons/keys


Quick navigation to the last build or script error


System tray functionality


The ability to disable logging of step output for individual steps


Ability to run a specified failure subroutine on step failure


Script editor enhancements (code completion, toolbar and menu bar, incremental search, block comment, etc.)


WebLauncher sample


Object model enhancements


Project-level step script events


Improvements to Insert Macro dialog


GUI designer for user actions


Enhancements to user action GUI capabilities and methods of registration


Support persisting of step expand/collapse state in project file


New False comparison for conditional build rules
Exit subroutine or build step failure option


Custom action screens and components for more products and enhancements to existing actions:

       * AccuRev (new)

       * Alienbrain (new)

       * ADO (new)

       * Advanced Installer (new)

       * Ant (new)

       * Batch File (new)

       * Burn CD/DVD (new)

       * ClearCase (new)

       * C++Builder (new)

       * COM Register (support registering .NET assemblies for COM Interop)

       * COM+ Application

       * COM+ Component

       * Copy Files (Skip files that already exist in destination or are older than destination, limit by size, date, advanced wildcards)

       * Create Folder (new)

       * Delete Files (new)

       * Delete Folder (new)

       * Delphi

       * DeployMaster (new)

       * Doc-O-Matic (new)

       * Doc-To-Help (new)

       * Exit (new)

       * ExpertInstall (new)

       * Export Type Library (new)

       * Fast-Help (new)

       * Flare (new)

       * FTP (recursive copies, incremental copies, synchronization, secure transfers, additional wildcard options)

       * FxCop (new)

       * Generate Resource Files (new)

       * Help & Manual

       * HelpScribble (new)

       * HelpStudio (new)

       * HTTP (new)

       * HyperText Studio (new)

       * IIS Virtual Dir (new)

       * Import Type Library (new)

       * Install .NET Services (new)

       * InstallAnywhere.NET (new)

       * InstallShield

       * InstallAWARE (new)

       * List Files (new)

       * Map Drive (new)

       * Kill Process (new)

       * Make VS 2005 (new)

       * Make VS.NET

       * MSBuild (new)

       * MSIStudio (new)

       * Multilizer (new)

       * NAnt (new)

       * NCover (new)

       * NDoc (new)

       * Newsgroup Post (new)

       * NSIS (new)

       * NUnit (new)

       * Oracle (new)

       * Perforce

       * PEVerify (new)

       * Play Sound (new)

       * Plink Tunnel (new)

       * PowerShell (new)

       * Process Files (additional matching, logging and debugging capabilities)

       * PVCS (new)

       * Rename Files (new)

       * Replace in File (encoding/BOM enhancements, regex aids)

       * RoboHelp (new)

       * Run Program

       * Sandcastle (new)

       * Send Mail (secure connections, return receipts)

       * Set File Attributes (new)

       * Set Priority (new)

       * SetupBuilder (new)

       * Setup Factory (new)

       * Shut Down (new)

       * StarTeam (new)

       * Strong Name Tool (new)

       * Surround SCM

       * Telnet (secure connections)

       * UNZIP Files (strong encryption support)

       * Virtual PC (new)

       * Virtual Server (new)

       * VMWare Server (new)

       * VMWare Workstation (new)

       * Visual Studio Team System -- Team Build, Team Foundation, and Team Test (new)

       * Wait (wait on processes)

       * Windows Installer (new)

       * WiX (new)

       * Write File (encoding/BOM enhancements)

       * Write XML (new)

       * WSDL (new)

       * XSD (new)

       * ZIP Files (strong encryption support, additional wildcard options)




Note: See the history page on the web site for full details.