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VMware Server Action

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This action creates a step to perform an operation on a VMware Server, GSX Server, or ESX Server virtual machine.  See here for options for automating build steps within a virtual machine.



The VMware Server 2 / vSphere / Player action can also be used for VMware Server, vSphere, ESX Server, and ESXi (and supports additional operations).
By default, this action is not displayed (existing steps will still be displayed in the Step panes and will build normally).  To show all hidden actions, right-click in the Actions pane and choose Show Hidden.


Operation: The virtual machine operation to perform.


Note: The VmCOM API used by this action does not support all available operations (manipulating snapshots, running programs in the guest OS, etc.).  The VMware Workstation action can be used for these operations (for Server v1.0, the VMware Server Programming API client component must be installed for this to be available).


Computer: The computer hosting VMware Server (blank for local computer).


Port: The port to connect to (blank for default).


Username: Username to connect to the server with (optional).


Password: Password to use when connecting to the server (optional).


Machine: The filename of the virtual machine to operate on.  For operations other than Register or Unregister, * in this field indicates to perform the operation on all registered virtual machines on the given server, and a regular expression can also be entered in this field to perform the operation on all machine filenames matching the regular expression.


Device: A device filename for the Connect and Disconnect device operations.


Wait for completion: If checked, the action will wait for the related task to complete before continuing.  For the Startup option, if checked, the action will also wait for the guest operating system to start and begin reporting a heartbeat (Virtual Machine Additions must be installed on the guest OS to use this option).


Log every x seconds: Causes progress to be reported while waiting (enter blank or 0 to disable).


Variable Name/Value: Names and values of parameters to set for the Set OS variables and Set configuration variables operations.  Enter a variable name and its value in the edit fields, and click Insert to add to the list.  Select an item in the list to update its value or delete it from the list.



This action has been tested with VMware Server 1.0 and GSX Server 3.2 and may work with other versions as well.  The VMware VmCOM component must be installed on the local computer.
For the Report operation, the state of the last matching PC will be stored in the VMWARESERVER_VM_STATE temporary macro.  The state values are as follows: