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New Features in Visual Build Pro Version 5

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Ability to generate HTML log files


Integration with Windows Scheduled Tasks applet for easy scheduling of builds


Enhancements to scripting capabilities Windows Script to add user-defined code to build events


End-user creation of custom action screens and components


Additional keyboard shortcuts and user options


New True comparison for conditional build rules (useful for script expressions in rules)


Child projects started from a VisBuildPro Project action are launched minimized if the parent project is minimized


Support for global subroutines that can be called from multiple projects


Enhancements to project properties dialog


Enhancements to drag/drop and copy/paste features


Editing of multiple step properties at once via multiple selection


Write to Windows Event Viewer when scheduled builds fail


Customization of the main and action toolbars now supported


Support for entry and display of Unicode text


Normal operation does not require power user privileges (although some build operations may require power or even admin user privileges)


Custom action screens and components for more third party development tools and several enhancements to existing actions:

       * COM+ Component

       * Copy Files

       * Help & Manual

       * InstallShield

       * InstallAnywhere (new)

       * Make Delphi (new)

       * Make JBuilder (new)

       * Make VS.NET

       * Perforce (new)

       * Replace in File

       * Run Program

       * Run SQL (new)

       * Send Mail

       * Sign Code (new)

       * SourceSafe

       * Set Current Dir (new)

       * Set Macro

       * Subversion (new)

       * Telnet

       * Transform XML Log (new)

       * Surround SCM (new)

       * UNZIP Files (new)

       * Vault (new)

       * Wise

       * Write File

       * Write Registry

       * ZIP Files (new)


Note: See the history page on the web site for full details.