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Ant Action

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This action executes Ant builds.  The action provides ways to configure the various options for Ant.  Before using this action:

1.Download and extract the Ant binaries.
2.Add the Ant bin directory to your PATH environment variable.
3.Create an ANT_HOME environment variable pointing to the Ant installation path.


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The ant.bat file installed with Ant does not return the exit code of the build result, but rather the exit code of later commands in the batch file.  A modified version of ant.bat is available in the Tools directory in the VisBuildPro install path (if Full installation is selected during installation).  Copy this file to your Ant bin path for proper success/failure detection of Ant builds.
This action has been tested with Ant versions 1.6 thru 1.9 and may work with other versions as well.
See the TDD.bld sample for a project utilizing this action.