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Insert Macro Dialog

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Displays a list of all defined macros for quickly inserting a reference to a macro into the current field.


Filter: The Filter field can be used to quickly filter the list to locate a specific macro.  As text is entered, the list is filtered to match only those macros matching what has been typed.


The up and down arrow keys can be used to navigate in the list while focus is in the Filter field, and Enter can be used to insert a reference to the selected macro.


Macro grid: A categorized grid of available macros.  Type a name or click with the mouse to select a macro.  To insert a reference to the selected macro, double-click on it or press Enter.  The macro reference will be inserted into the last focused field at the cursor position.


When the mouse cursor is held over a macro, its description will be shown in a tool tip.  The dialog can be resized, additional columns can be added by right-clicking the column header, and columns can be reordered  and resized by dragging the column or column border.


Clear: Clears the Filter field and repopulates the action list with all registered actions.


Properties: Displays the Macro properties dialog for editing the selected macro.