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Capturing Information

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A powerful feature of Ultra Recall is that documents and information from almost any Windows application can be stored in it, with automatic capture of contents, text, summary information, icons, and more.


Some examples of information that can be easily added to Ultra Recall include:

Internet Explorer favorites and Firefox, Netscape or Mozilla bookmarks
Web pages or parts of a web page from browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox
Emails, tasks, appointments, contacts, and notes from Microsoft Outlook
Email messages from Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, The Bat!, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Postbox
Documents from Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
OpenDocument files (ODF)
Text, rich text, XML, PDF documents
Images and pictures
Files and folders from Windows Explorer
TIFF documents containing OCR text (Microsoft Office Document Imaging)
ActionOutline files
mbox (message) files from email applications
TreePad files
Any application that can export to RTF, CSV, XML/OPML, or text formats


Methods available for importing data into Ultra Recall include:

Capturing with Drag and Drop
Capturing with Copy | Paste
Explorer/Internet Explorer toolbars
Microsoft Outlook toolbar
Chrome / Opera / Edge extension
Firefox extension
Thunderbird/Postbox toolbar
Direct Entry
Send To
Import Dialog
Global hot key
Automatic clipboard capture


When files, web pages or other external information/files are added to Ultra Recall, an Info Item based on a Template in the Document Template Group is created.  Along with all the normal features that are supported for all Info Items, including Attributes, Keywords, Item Notes, etc., you have the option of storing the actual file as part of the Info Item.

1) Not Stored: The actual information or file resides in the original location, the created Info Item contains a URL Attribute containing a valid URL for the document.

2) Stored Contents:  The actual document is also stored within the Info Database.  It is automatically compressed for maximum storage efficiency (typically it is compressed enough to store both the file and the other data maintained by Ultra Recall in the same or less space than the original document size).


Note: The Store contents when importing or syncing files, web pages, and Outlook items option on the Import options page determines whether documents and web pages will be stored or linked by default when importing.