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Link/Move/Copy Dialog

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This dialog is used for:

Another method for linking, moving, or copying items to or from another location.
Quickly navigating to another item.
Choosing a location to import when capturing information from other applications if the Select location when importing or pasting from other applications option is checked.
Selecting an item for the info item attribute type .





In the Data Explorer pane, select the item(s) to link, move or copy to or from.  Open this dialog from the Tree menu, select the desired item, and press Enter or click OK to link, move, or copy the selected items to or from the new location.  The dialog remembers the item that was last selected and the last action when it is opened again.


Note: When the Item Details pane of a text item is active, and if the Create internal link from Link/Move dialog with focus in Details pane option is checked, the Link dialog can be used to insert an internal link into the current item.


How to Access:

Menu Bar: Tree | Link/Move To... and Tree | Link/Move From...
Menu Bar: Tree | Jump...
Capturing from another application
Editing an info item attribute value in the Item Attributes pane, a Form, or an Advanced Search.


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