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Documents Options

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The Documents tab of the Options dialog configures settings related to viewing and editing documents in Ultra Recall.


Document Editing

File extensions to edit/view externally: Extensions listed here will be excluded from being viewed internally but will launch externally instead.  This overrides specific extensions that may be mapped to a particular document type (for instance, .ini files will be displayed in the Text Document Editor if the .txt extension is specified for the file extensions to be displayed in the text editor since .ini files are text files, but adding .ini here will override that and prevent .ini files from being displayed in the text editor).


File extensions to open stored documents writeable: Stored Files with an extension in this list will be opened writeable instead of read-only.


Prompt before updating from local copy of stored document: If a stored file was opened writeable, based on the above option, and this box is checked, the user will be prompted before Ultra Recall updates the stored copy of the changed file.  Otherwise Ultra Recall will automatically update the stored copy when it is edited externally and saved.


Allow internal editing of linked documents: If checked, linked text and rich text documents can be edited internally in Ultra Recall.  If unchecked, linked documents will be read-only when viewed within Ultra Recall.


Automatically begin editing web page items when selected: If checked, web page items will automatically be shown in edit mode when selected. Note: If this option is checked, highlighting and selecting of matching text in web page items is not possible.


File Viewers

File extensions to display in image viewer: Files with extensions in this list will be displayed in the Image Viewer.


File extensions to display in MIME viewer: Files with extensions in this list will be displayed in the MIME Viewer.