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Microsoft Outlook Integration

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Ultra Recall includes the ability to link or store objects from Microsoft Outlook 2000 through 2019 / 365. Outlook Synchronization can be used to create new or update existing Outlook objects from within Ultra Recall.


The Outlook objects supported include:

Messages (emails)


Outlook objects can be added to Ultra Recall using the following methods:

Outlook toolbar Link to Ultra Recall and Copy to Ultra Recall buttons (an Ultra Recall Outlook Toolbar can be installed by checking the appropriate checkbox during installation of Ultra Recall).
Copy & Paste
Drag & Drop
Direct URL entry, using the GUID-format output of the free Windows Linker utility or a valid URL like Outlook://Personal Folders/Contacts
Synchronization of Outlook folders to Ultra Recall items.


Note: When Info Items linked to Outlook Items are permanently Deleted using Shift+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Del and the related option is checked, the corresponding Outlook items are also deleted to the Outlook Deleted Items folder.  This is useful to remove obsolete appointments and tasks which otherwise linger in Outlook data files.  If the Info Item(s) are first deleted to the Ultra Recall Recycle Bin, then permanently deleted, the corresponding Outlook objects will NOT be deleted.


To edit stored Contact, Appointment and Task objects externally, add .msg to the File extensions to open stored documents writeable file extension list on the Documents tab of the Options Dialog.


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Note: Available in the Professional edition only.  The 64-bit edition of Outlook requires the 64-bit edition of Ultra Recall.