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Capturing Info with Drag And Drop

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Drag and Drop is the Windows method of moving information around with the mouse.  Ultra Recall has extensive drag and drop capabilities, as outlined below.


Ways to drag and drop information into Ultra Recall:

1.Click and hold either the left or right mouse button over a URL or other information you wish to add to Ultra Recall.
2.Move the mouse to the location in the Data Explorer Pane where you want to place the information.
3.Release the depressed mouse button.
Left button drag: Performs the default action, which is to create an Info Item that does not Store Contents.
Right button drag: A menu of choices will be presented, giving you the available drop options:

- Link Here: Create an Info Item that contains information about the item but does not store the contents if a document or URL was dragged.

- Copy Here: Create a Info Item that has Stored Contents.

- Move Here: Create a Info Item that has Stored Contents, then delete the original document (if local) to the Windows Recycle Bin.


Note: URLs from any location, including the Web Toolbar, external browsers, text or other locations can also be dropped on String Attributes in the Item Attributes Pane


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