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Capturing Info with Copy And Paste

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Copy And Paste is the menu (and keyboard) method of copying/moving information in Windows (and Ultra Recall).


Basic Steps to Copy and Paste:

1) Select what you want to copy (text or Data Explorer Pane items in Ultra Recall or a URL, icon, file(s), folder(s), selected text, etc., from another application) with the mouse or keyboard shortcuts.


2a) Menu: Click Edit | Copy to place a copy of the selection to the clipboard -or-

2b) Keyboard: Type Ctrl+C.


3a) Within Ultra Recall, navigate to the location you want to place what is now on the clipboard -or-

3b) Keyboard: Type the global import clipboard hot key (default is Win+V) to paste the data into Ultra Recall without activating Ultra Recall -or-

3c) Mouse: Right-click on the Ultra Recall system tray icon and choose Paste Clipboard Contents.


Only if 3a was performed

4a) Menu: Click Edit | Paste to place what is on the clipboard to the selected location -or-

4b) Keyboard: Type Ctrl+V to paste or Ctrl+Shift+V (to force storing of contents).



Cut: If instead of using Copy (Ctrl+C), you use Cut (Ctrl-X), what is placed on the clipboard will be deleted from the source location when a paste action is accomplished.


PASTE SPECIAL: Alternative Paste options are available from the Paste Special (Alt-P) sub menu.

Duplicate: Make a copy of what is on the clipboard
Duplicate Single: Paste only the Info Items on the clipboard, but not their child Info Items
Paste Text: If the information on the clipboard has a text format, paste this format into Ultra Recall
Paste Rich Text: If the format on the clipboard has a rich text format, paste it into Ultra Recall
Paste Html: If HTML is on the clipboard, paste that format into Ultra Recall


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