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What is Ultra Recall?

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Ultra Recall is Data Capture:  Today's computer user accesses and utilizes many types of files and information but is forced to manage this interrelated data with multiple tools and applications.  Email, web pages, text documents, images, shortcuts, PDF files, snippets of text, concepts, tasks and contacts are some examples of the information a typical user needs to use, store and recall. Ultra Recall organizes this chaos by capturing and managing all forms of computerized information in a single application.


Using today's different applications to organize and store this diverse information, based on its type or source,  is cumbersome and awkward.  Remembering where everything is stored, and what other pieces of information are logically related is difficult and unreliable because you can't define relationships between different applications.  In fact, defining relationships within today's applications is frustrating because you are limited to a single link between different pieces of information, which is an unreasonable restriction.


Ultra Recall solves the dilemma in a simple, yet powerful way.  Continue to use the different applications you have and understand to process the day to day tasks on your computer.  But for information that has lasting value, simply move it into an Ultra Recall Info Database, regardless of the source.  Each additional entry is automatically enhanced by the Ultra Recall program by identifying searchable words, assigning useful Attributes, and providing ways to annotate the data.  In addition you can relate each new piece of information to any or all existing information in an intuitive manner.


Ultra Recall is Data Storage:  Anyone who has used a computer for very long has collected a significant amount of information, typically stored haphazardly in many ways and places on your computer.  From browser favorites, old emails and contacts, local files and documents, and more, this information is difficult to manage, backup, secure, then later migrate to your next PC.  The latest versions of Windows address a few of these issues, but simply do not provide a cohesive way to properly manage all your data.


While a wide range of third party tools are available to address some of specific problems listed, Ultra Recall provides the first complete solution to the overall problem of Data Storage.  As described in the Data Capture section, Ultra Recall provides unheralded data management capabilities.  Fortunately, Ultra Recall also provides unprecedented capabilities to efficiently store information this same information in a structured and understandable manner.


Ultra Recall stores your related information in a single file which provides high performance, storage efficiency through automatic compression, and rock solid reliability.  With your information organized within individual Ultra Recall Info Databases, backup, restore, and migration efforts become trivial tasks instead of the frustration you have experienced in the past. Encryption is provided to dependably secure your sensitive information.  All of these capabilities provide a comprehensive Data Storage package for anyone.


Ultra Recall is Data Recall:  Everyone has experienced the frustration of knowing we saved some information somewhere on our computer, but not being able to find it when it is needed.  While computers today have enormous computing power and amazing abilities, so often this capability is too difficult to use when it comes to managing the vast amount of information we collect over time.


Many of the application we use today provide some form of search capability.  Microsoft Windows even provides search (or find) capabilities.  Unfortunately, the search capabilities we are accustomed to are inadequate and typically unable to meet the challenge in the real world.  In addition, due to the limitations above, they are only able to search a subset of our information, requiring us to master several tools that so often fail the challenge of recalling our information on demand.


Ultra Recall changes this by combining a powerful and intuitive search engine with the organizational and storage capabilities described above.  A Quick Search is provided which typically locates your information in seconds, but can easily be refined as an Advanced Search, allowing you to tighten your search criteria to pinpoint the exact data you need.  The search engine is very high-performance, the interface is user-friendly, and you can save the searches you define for future use.


Ultra Recall is Data Confidence: By managing your information in one location, and having extensive search capabilities, you now have a comprehensive system enabling you to store your data with confidence.  Confidence that you can store the information in an intuitive and common sense way, confidence that you can backup and migrate the data when necessary, and confidence that you can find the information back when you need it. Ultra Recall will help you use your computer to its fullest potential!


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