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Auto-Generated Keywords

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When Info Items are created for text, Outlook objects, or document types listed below, Ultra Recall parses the information for text or keywords automatically.  This occurs regardless of whether a document or object is stored or linked in Ultra Recall.  These automatically generated keywords are referred to as Auto-Generated keywords.


Keywords can be retrieved for the following file types:

HTML (web pages)
Internet Explorer Favorites
MHT (web pages saved by Internet Explorer)
Microsoft Office documents (including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint)
Microsoft Outlook (messages + attachments for known document types, contacts, appointments, tasks or notes)
Firefox/Netscape/Mozilla bookmarks
Email messages (Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, Outlook Express, The Bat!, Windows Mail, and Windows Live Mail messages and news posts and any MIME file, including attachments for known document types)
Pictures and other documents with summary information
RTF (rich text)
Text (system code page, UTF-8 and UTF-16 encodings)
XML (most encodings)
ZIP (any supported file types found in the ZIP file)
TIFF documents containing OCR text (Microsoft Office Document Imaging)



Keywording of Outlook items, PDF files, and ZIP files available in Professional edition only.
Auto-generated keywords are displayed only if full-text search enhancements are disabled.  If full-text search enhancements are enabled, this list will always be  empty (document text will still be stored and searched, with additional capabilities).


Auto-generated Keywords can't be manually added (see User-Defined Keywords) but can be deleted (they are automatically replaced when the Info Item is Synchronized).


The following rules are used by Ultra Recall to retrieve Auto-Generated keywords:

Only files whose extension (or the extension for its content type) is included in the File extensions to keyword user option are keyworded.
Numbers are included only when the related user option is checked.
Words found in the Keyword Exclusion List are excluded.
Words two characters or longer (up to 15 characters in length; longer words are truncated) are included.
Alphabet characters and $ _ @ characters are included.
# - + % & characters are included if not the beginning of a word.
. and : characters are included if not at beginning or end of a word.
The same character repeated more than 3 times contiguously is not keyworded.
All other characters are excluded (for example, ! ` ~ ; , ' " < > ^ ( ) { } | / \ ).


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