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Basic Concepts

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Ultra Recall manages your information (anything that can be stored on your computer) by storing it in an Info Database.


An Ultra Recall Info Database is simply a collection of information, organized in an intuitive way, all stored within a single file.  You can think of an Info Database as your My Documents folder, your browser bookmarks, your email application folders, and Windows Explorer combined in one place, but with many additional features available.


In an Ultra Recall Info Database, each complete piece of information is referred to as an Info Item.  An Info Item could be a web page, an email, a file or document, a section of text, an image, etc.  Basically any form of information that can be entered or stored on a computer qualifies.


Each Info Item has several related Attributes.  Each Attribute is a specific characteristic of the Info Item, such as the Date the Info Item was created, the URL of a web page, the First Name of a Contact, etc.


When an Info Item is created or modified, any text of the Info Item and all appropriate Attributes are examined by the Ultra Recall application and stored with the Info Item, facilitating later recall and retrieval of the Info Item when you need it.


Each Info Item is based on a Template Item.  This Template Item Attribute defines the type the Info Item is.


Info Items, Attributes, Keywords, and Template Items are the basic components used to store information in Ultra Recall.


Logical Linking is the technology that Ultra Recall uses to connect your information together in a logical and unlimited manner.