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Compact and Repair Dialog

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Access the Compact and Repair Database Dialog is available by selecting Compact and Repair from the Tools menu.


Compact database: If this check box is checked when OK is clicked, the current Info Database will be shrunk, removing any free space.


Note: Ultra Recall uses a highly efficient, binary format for Info Database files.  As Info Items are deleted, empty space remains within the file, and is reused when new data is added to the Info Database.  If you delete a large amount of data, you can immediately shrink the Info Database, removing this free space by using the provided Compact functionality.


Repair database: The Ultra Recall database uses high-performance technology and has been extensively tested and optimized.  The underlying technology is atomic and transactional, preserving the integrity of your data at all times (even through power loss or equipment failure).  By checking the Repair database checkbox, when you click OK, Ultra Recall will verify the integrity of your Info Database, and fix any of the options checked below.


Reset all system information to defaults: Checking this box will ensure that the system defaults for all system Info Items, Attributes, Related Items Pane layouts will be reset to the default values.


Recalculate computed values: This indicates that internally computed values will be recomputed and verified during the Repair action.


Recover orphaned items: This indicates that Ultra Recall will ensure that no Info Items have somehow become orphaned (not parented to at least one other Info Item).  In the unlikely event that an orphaned Info Item is detected, a new Info Item will be created and the orphaned Info Items will be parented there.


Enable full-text search enhancements: If checked, full-text search enhancements will be enabled.  If unchecked, the enhancements will be disabled.  This option is available for backward compatibility with existing databases (before full-text search enhancements were available).  The database version in the About dialog will also be suffixed with [FTS] if full-text search enhancements are enabled.



The above operations may take a long time with large database files.
Always backup the database file first.


How to access:

Menu Bar: Tools | Compact and Repair...