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A folder

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To import the contents of a single folder, just open the Import Dialog, choose A folder, click Next and the following entry fields will be displayed:


Folder to import: Manually enter or select a folder path using the EllipseButton button to open a helper dialog to specify an alternate folder.  As the caption states, you can also use drag & drop or copy & paste to specify a different Favorites folder to import.


Folder Options

Don't import files (just create a link to the folder in Ultra Recall): If this box is checked Ultra Recall won't create Info Items for each contained file, but will simply create a single Info Item that is linked to the folder's URL.

Note: if this box is checked, the other check boxes in this group are not applicable and will be disabled.


Process files in subfolders (recursive): Checking this box will instruct Ultra Recall to recursively process files in the subfolder in the specified folder.  If not checked, only the files in the folder specified will be imported.

Note: If this box is checked, the following check box is not applicable and will be disabled.


Recreate directory structure in Ultra Recall: If the Process files in subfolders (recursive) box is checked, then you have the option of preserving the original folder structure or just creating a flat list of file Info items in one folder.  Checking this box (the default value) will preserve the original folder layout, unchecking it will create a flat list of files Info Items.


Include hidden and system files: As the name implies, checking this box will include hidden and system files (default is not checked).


File Options:

Store file contents in Ultra Recall: Checking this box instructs Ultra Recall to store the contents of each file imported within the Ultra Recall Info Database.  If the box is unchecked, the Info Item created for each file will only be linked to the file's URL.

Note: The following checkbox is only enabled when this check box is checked.


Move files (delete local files and folders to Recycle Bin after import): This check box is self explanatory.


Do not process documents for text, summary or icon information: Check this box to prevent any data from being retrieved when importing folders.  This will prevent any text or summary attributes from being retrieved and the resulting Info Items will use the default icon (instead of retrieving any related icon information).


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