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Key Features

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Web Page and Document Capture

Easily capture any content from the internet or the local file system, including web pages, Microsoft Office documents, email messages, newsgroup posts, images, text, and more.  In addition to storing the original document location, the page's icon and the full content of the document can be permanently stored so that no information will be lost even if the page disappears from the internet.


Keep Everything in One Place

Any web page, document, image, note, or text can be added to Ultra Recall and then easily organized, edited, annotated, and recalled when needed.


Easy Navigation

A host of capabilities are provided to quickly navigate your data: a complete forward/back history of recently viewed items, favorites for defining and accessing frequently used items, auto-completion and history for input fields, searching on popular or recently used items, and more.



As information is added and modified in Ultra Recall, unlimited undo and redo is available for all changes that are made.


Automatic Management of Metadata

Attributes about each piece of information such as the creation date, last access date, access count, source URL, etc., are automatically managed by Ultra Recall.


Reminders / Alarms / Recurrences

Any piece of information can be configured like an appointment with a reminder which can also optionally recur on a schedule that you define.


Item Flags and Tags

When adding important files, web pages, contacts, projects, tasks, notes, and more, they can be flagged with a variety of colors or tagged with keywords, marking them for any purpose and facilitating instant recall.


Advanced Search Capabilities

Extensive search capabilities are provided in Ultra Recall, including search highlighting and advanced search capabilities.



Logical linking allows items to be organized in multiple locations in the tree. Internal linking provides for creating links to items within the text of another item.  And hyperlinks can can be used to link to external web pages and documents.



Hoisting allows one particular branch of your data to be viewed, allowing you to focus on individual sections of your database without distraction.


Import/Export Capabilities

Comprehensive import and export capabilities are available, which facilitate migrating data from many applications and exporting your data for reporting purposes, external analysis, or to import into an alternative or complementary application.


Extensive Keyboard Accessibility

Keyboard shortcuts are provided for nearly all commands, and all functionality is accessible via the keyboard or mouse.



Secure everything stored in an Ultra Recall Info Database with a single password.



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