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Because the Data Explorer Pane allows you to organize your information in a hierarchical way (with the added benefit of Logical Linking), you can often navigate using these relationships between Info Items to quickly find the information you are looking for.


The Data Explorer and Search Panes are the navigation center of Ultra Recall.  They are where the relationships between Info Items are viewed and updated.  New Info Items are created with them, related together with Logical Linking.


When Info Items are selected in a Selection Pane (such as the Data Explorer Pane), the other Panes are updated to reflect their respective information about the selected Info Items and can also be used for navigation purposes.  The following lists the various supporting panes and how they can be used for navigation:

Related Items Pane: this panes caption is updated to indicate what is being displayed, double-clicking or hitting Enter on a row will navigate to the indicated Info Item.  This can be useful to navigate from Search Results, or to drill-down to children of the selected Info Item(s).
Item Parents Pane: this pane displays the parent(s) of the selected Info Items, double-clicking or hitting Enter on a parent will navigate to it in the active Selection Pane.


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