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Recalling Information

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The information organizational capabilities of Ultra Recall are unprecedented, but its ability to find the information back when you need it are unbelievable!  The struggle retrieving your data when needed that you are accustomed to with existing data management applications is now a thing of the past.


You can now place ALL your information into an Ultra Recall Info Database with the confidence that is at your fingertips when needed.


Once you load your information into an Ultra Recall Info Database, the extensive Search capabilities in the application provide all you need to quickly and reliably find that information back when you need it.  A Quick Search is typically adequate to find the Info Items you need, and a powerful Advanced Search is available to write sophisticated queries enabling you to accurately locate your information with pinpoint precision.


Any Search that you define can be easily saved for future use as a Search Info Item in either the Search Pane or the Data Explorer Pane.


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