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Who is Ultra Recall for?

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Ultra Recall is for anyone that saves information on their computer for future use or reference.  This encompasses a wide range, from light computer users that send and receive email and browse web pages, to a doctorate student researching a topic, compiling large amounts of related information and anything in between.


Here are some usage examples to consider:


Internet User:  Because Ultra Recall is so easy to use, even intermediate computer users will benefit from the capabilities of Ultra Recall.  Ultra Recall will help any user store their documents, contacts, emails, web pages (including the actual page content if desired), in a single location that is easily searched, backed up and migrated when a new computer is purchased.


Mobile professional:  Often professionals on the road use both a desktop and a laptop, making data management a difficult and confusing chore.  Ultra Recall can simplify the process by providing a single place to store all the information needed on either workstation.  By having all this data in a single file, several options exist to ensure the information is always up to date on each machine.


Students and educators:  Students, teachers, professors, and others in the educational field must constantly juggle large quantities of information, such as events, contacts, research, etc.  Ultra Recall provides an ideal central location for managing and organizing all these disparate activities and data.


Legal Researcher:  As a lawyer or paralegal researches a case, a wide variety of highly dependent information is encountered.  People, concepts, emails, web pages, documents, images, faxes, and much more may be linked together in a web of evidence.  Storing this information in a relational way, then sifting through the data is a challenging task.  Ultra Recall's unique ability to faithfully represent multiple links between pieces of information, annotating each node of data, then viewing and analyzing these relationships are perfect for this usage.


Software Developer: Few industries experience a faster growing amount of technology and information than software development.  Just keeping up with the pace of change is a difficult job.  So often a concept, code snippet, web site or product is found that might prove useful in the future.  Ultra Recall is the perfect companion for this task.  As you add this random, yet potentially useful information, it is indexed with keywords, attributes, and notes that will ensure you can find it back someday when you need it.


Product Evaluator: As a person evaluates different products, comparisons of a variety of features, capabilities and price must be accomplished.  This is often difficult because of significant variations in the various products being considered.  By creating specific Attributes to document the different characteristics of each product, you can easily sort, filter and evaluate the competing products from many angles and perspectives.


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