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While Ultra Recall can serve as your primary internet browser it does so much more by managing all your data and files regardless of source or type.  You can edit each Info Item, add or remove Info Items, create templates, and much more.  Fortunately, full Undo and Redo capability is provided which remembers the changes you have made and allows you undo and/or redo some or all of those changes.


All actions in Ultra Recall are undoable, except for the following list:

Expanding/Collapsing nodes in the Data Explorer Pane or Search Pane
Changes to the layout of the Related Items Pane
Creating new Attributes
Info Item Keyword changes
Compact and Repair*
Set Password*


* indicates features that also reset all Undo information.


Ways to Access:

Keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl +Z (undo)


Ctrl+Y (redo)

Standard Toolbar


Menu Bar:

Edit | Undo


Edit | Redo


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