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Auto Attributes

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Auto Attributes contain values that are maintained automatically by the Ultra Recall application.


These Auto Attributes include:

Access Count:  Whenever the Date Accessed Attribute is updated, this Attribute is incremented.
Compressed Size: the compressed size of stored documents.
Content-Type: the reported content-type value of documents retrieved from the internet.
Date Accessed: automatically updated when an Info Item is accessed.
Date Created: populated with the exact date and time of each Info Item creation in Ultra Recall.
Date Deleted: the date that an Info Item is deleted to the Recycle Bin.
Date Modified: whenever an Info Item is modified by the user, this Attribute is automatically updated to remember the date of the last change.
DocType: an internal number representing the type of document being stored.
Document Size: The uncompressed size of stored documents.
Encoding: the reported encoding of documents retrieved from the internet.
ItemID: an internal identifier given to each Info Item (unique to the Info Database).
Keyword Count: the number of keywords assigned to the associated Info Item.
Original Begin Date: this attribute is automatically added to an Info Item when a dismissed Reminder first recurs to 'remember' the initial Begin Date attribute specified.
Original Parent: the name of the Parent Info Item an Info Item in the Recycle Bin was originally parented to.
Parent Count: the number of Info Items the associated Info Item is parented to (equal to 1 unless Logically Linked).
Pending Reminder: this displays the actual time a future reminder will be displayed.
Sync Date: Whenever a Document type of Info Item is Synchronized, this value is updated to remember the date.


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