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Quick Search

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The quickest way to search in Ultra Recall is Quick Search.


Ways to Quick Search:

Type a word or words (or select a previous search phrase from the drop-down) in the Search combo of the View toolbar and press Enter to start the search (hold Control down to open the search in a new tab).
Choose Edit | Search on the menu (or type Ctrl+Shift+F) to go to the Quick Search item and enter search text.


Any Info Item based on the Search Template is a Search Info Item.  The Quick Search Info Item (in the Search Pane) is defined by default and cannot be deleted.  You can use the Ctrl-Shift+F keyboard shortcut or the menu entry: Edit | Find to quickly navigate to this system Info Item.


Below is the Search Criteria Editor in Quick Search mode:




Quick Search options:

Contains Keywords search: Enter one or more words to find all Info Items that contain all these words.
Phrase search: Enter a phrase surrounded by double-quotes (i.e., "phrase to search") to perform an optimized phrase search.
Matches Wildcard search: If the search criteria specified contains any of the Matches Wildcard characters (?,*, [, ^, -, or ]), then a Matches Wildcard search will be executed.
OR boolean logic: Enter one or more OR relationships in your criteria to specify OR boolean logic in a Quick Search (OR works the same as with an online Google search).  Note: like Google, the AND relationship is implied and optional.
Search titles only: Check the 'Search titles only' checkbox to search only item titles (if unchecked, all item Attributes and Keywords are searched).
Match whole words
Limited Searches


How to use a Quick Search:

1.Automatically: If the "Automatically start saved search when search item selected" Search Option checkbox is checked.
2.Manually (when you type): if the "Incremental search delay when typing is not 0, this search will restart after the specified delay as you enter search criteria.
3.Manually (with the Start button): clicking the Start button will always start searching based on the specified criteria (or restart if a search is running).
Stop: A running search can be stopped by hitting ESC, the Stop button on the View Toolbar (or View submenu), or navigating to a different Info Item.
Reset: The Reset button will stop the search (if running) and reset the search criteria.
Save: The Copy button will create a new Saved Search from the current search.
Promote to Advanced Search: the Advanced >> button will convert your Quick Search into an equivalent Advanced Search.


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