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Search Pane

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The Search Pane is where predefined searches are located, where new searches are saved to (by default).  To go to the Search pane, select View | Other Windows | Search on the menu or press Ctrl+0.


By default the Search Pane is located in the upper left corner of the Ultra Recall application, but it can be moved anywhere (including outside of the application boundaries if you undock it).


The image below shows the Search Pane:




Because each Search Info Item functions like every other Info Item, the image below shows how the related panes function when a Search Info Item is selected:




Note: Search Info Items can also be located in the Data Explorer Pane.  You can copy or move Search Info Items between the Search Pane and the Data Explorer Pane.


How to access:

Menu Bar: View | Other Windows | Search
Keyboard: Ctrl+0


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