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Web Toolbar

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The Web Toolbar displays the URL when Ultra Recall is displaying content in the internal browser, and allows direct entry/navigation of the internal browser to the URLthat is entered.




The Address Toolbar consists of a text box for a URL (with history capability) and a Go button (which works identically to any modern browser such as Internet Explorer).


The width of this toolbar can be modified in the Application Options dialog, under the Browser tab.  The setting is called: Web Address Toolbar Combo | Combo box width.


Note: The application must be restarted for changes to this setting to take effect, the default width is 300.


The purpose and functionality of the Web Toolbar is similar to the address bar of Internet Explorer.  This functionality includes:

Auto-complete from navigation history
Auto-complete for local and network files while typing
Honors the IE SearchUrl registry settings
Drop-down combo of typed addresses (F4) works similar to IE but with list specific to Ultra Recall (with Del to remove an item and size configure in options)
pages visited in Ultra Recall are also added to IE history (may require IE6)


Standard keyboard shortcuts:

Alt+D shortcut to focus the Address combo (Esc to return to the previously active pane).
Ctrl+Enter to fill in www.<text>.com and navigate.
Alt+Enter to open the URL in a new tab.
Click/Enter on a URL in browser opens it (Shift+click or Shift+Enter opens in an external browser; Control+click or Control+Enter opens in a new tab).
Backspace/Alt+Left Arrow goes back, Alt+Right Arrow goes forward.


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