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Stored Document Templates

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You can store the contents of documents within an Ultra Recall Info Database.  You can easily copy or move an existing document into Ultra Recall for storage using Drag & Drop or Copy and Paste.


You can also create stored documents directly in Ultra Recall by first creating a template for each desired document type.  The following steps can be used to create such a template:

1.Using the associated application (such as Microsoft Word for Word Documents), create and save an empty document (for text files, enter a single space into the file).
2.Move this file from Windows Explorer into the Info Database as a child of the Templates system Info Item (which will turn it into a template).  Make sure the document is stored in the database.
3.Rename the template appropriately (for a Word Doc Template you might call it Word Document).
4.Give the Item Title Attribute (the default name of new Info Items based on this template) an appropriate value (such as New Word Doc).
5.Change the URL Attribute value to just the extension for this file type (such as .doc). The extension is needed to determine the extension to assign when this stored file is created locally for editing/viewing.  Using the extension only will ensure that Info Items created from this template will not reference any external file (if it referencing an existing external file and you synchronized the Info Item, the Info Item would be updated to the contents of this external file).
6.Ensure that the file's extension is added to the File extensions to open stored documents writeable option.


The resulting template can now be used to create new Info Items:

Use the Tree | Insert menu


Set the parent item's Default Child Template attribute and then use Edit | Insert.


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