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Normal Mode

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In Normal Mode, either the Search Pane, Data Explorer Pane, or Related Items Pane have specified the selection, the Web Toolbar is empty, and the Dependent Panes are displaying information about the selection.


The Data Explorer Pane displays the title, flag and icon of each Info Item, along with the relationships between Info Items.


The Related Items Pane displays the icon, title, and other user selected Attribute values for either the child Info Items, or selected Info Items (or Search Results when viewing a search).


The Item Attributes Pane displays all Attribute values for the selected Info Items (when multiple Info Items are selected it only shows the Attributes common to them all and either the common value or a blank value).


The Item Parents Pane displays the title for each Info Item the selected Info Items are parented to.


The Item Notes Pane displays the notes assigned to an Info Item (disabled for multiple selection).


The Item Details Pane display the main data for the Info Item.  Several different Viewers and Editors are displayed here for specialized content, including the Internal Browser View for many types of content including web content.


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