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Internal Browser Mode

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Ultra Recall can be used just like the internet browser you use today.  Several components of the Ultra Recall application are used together to replicate and extend the typical functionality of an internet browser.


These include:

Web Toolbar
Internal Browser View
Status Bar


Info Items are analogous to favorites or bookmarks (but are much more powerful and flexible).   Direct entry of URLs is done in the Web Toolbar, with most of the same conveniences and some additional features provided.  You can drag the icon next to any URL in the Web Toolbar directly into the Data Explorer Pane to create a new Info Item for any web content.


Depending on the user option configuration: Browser | Launch shortcuts in external browser window by default, web content will either be displayed internally in the Internal Browser View or in an external browser.  If displayed internally, you can drag shortcuts, or text directly from the Item Details Pane to the Data Explorer Pane to create new Info Items for that content.


Regardless of the Browser | Launch shortcuts in external browser window option setting, URLs can always be viewed externally, using the following methods:

Web Toolbar: Shift+Enter or Shift+Click (on the Go button) when a URL is present
Internal Browser View: Shift+Ctrl+Q (with a link selected) or Ctrl+Q if no link is selected


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