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Multiple Selection

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Ultra Recall allows multiple selection in several places, which facilitates efficient copying, moving, viewing, printing, tagging, editing, and analysis of multiple Info Items.  The selection doesn't need to be contiguous but does need to be in the same Pane.


How to multi-select Info Items:

With the mouse:
Hold the Ctrl key while left-clicking to select or unselect individual multiple Info Items
Left-click to select an item, then hold the Shift key and click another item to select a contiguous range
With the keyboard:
Press the Space bar to select or unselect an item
Use Ctrl+Arrow keys to navigate to different Info Items, and press Ctrl+Space to select or unselect individual Info Items
Use Ctrl+Arrow keys to navigate, press Shift+Space to select all items between the selected item and the focused item


Panes that allow multiple Info Item selection:

Search Pane
Data Explorer Pane
Related Items Pane


Other Pane Behavior (with multiple selection):

Item Details Pane: This pane is disabled and displays the count of selected Info Items when multiple Info Items are selected, unless the user option to Show combined text for multiple selection is checked.


Item Attributes Pane: When multiple Info Items are selected in any of the above panes, the Item Attributes Pane will only display the Attributes that are common to all the selected Info Items, and will only display values when identical for every selected Info Item.  If one of these shared Attribute values is edited, the new value will be assigned to every selected Info Item.


Related Items Pane: When multiple Info Items are selected in either the Search Pane or the Data Explorer Pane, the Related Items Pane will have the caption of Selected Items, and will display info about the selected Info Items instead of child Info Items.


Item Notes Pane: This pane is disabled with multiple Info Item selection.


Item Parents Pane: This pane displays the combined list of parent Info Items for the selected Info Items.


Item Keywords Dialog: This dialog will show all keywords common to all the selected items, and editing the keywords will affect all selected items.


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