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Some additional helpful features are:


Reload of recently opened databases: When exiting Ultra Recall via File | Exit on the menu, Ultra Recall remembers the currently open Info Databases and reopens them when Ultra Recall is restarted.  Also, any Info Databases in the same path as the program executable will also be opened.  Automatic reopening of databases can be disabled by holding down the Shift key when starting Ultra Recall.  To specify a custom list of databases to open at startup, create shortcuts to the .urd files to open in the Startup folder of the Window Start menu.


Info Item Expand/Collapse is persisted: When Info Items with children are expanded or collapsed, this state is remembered for future uses of the Info Database.  When the Info Database is reopened, the previous expanded state of each Info Item in the Data Explorer Pane and Search Pane will be restored.


Current Info Item is remembered: When an Info Database is closed, the current Info Item is automatically recorded, and is reselected when the Info Database is reopened.  This is very helpful and works much like a car CD player, remembering where you are when you stop so you can later continue where you left off.


User-defined new Info Database: When a new Info Database is created, by default a pre-defined Info Database is used.  A user-defined Info Database can replace this default by placing your own Info Database, named template.urd, in the user's Ultra Recall data folder (typically C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Application Data\Kinook Software\UltraRecall\).


Collapse siblings when expanding an item mode which helps minimize tree clutter by limiting the number of expanded tree branches as you navigate the hierarchical trees in Ultra Recall.


Saved Searches: After defining and using a search of any type, you can easily save the search for later use by using the Copy button.


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