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Calendar Pane

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The Calendar Pane is a convenient way to view a calendar, select a date, and either insert the selected date into Ultra Recall at the last edited location or copy the date value onto the clipboard.  To display the calendar pane, select View | Other Windows | Calendar on the menu or press Alt+C.




Navigating the calendar: The calendar can be navigated via the keyboard in various ways:

Arrow keys to move one day at a time.
Page Up and Page Down to move one month at a time.
Ctrl+Page Up and Ctrl+Page Down to move month year at a time.
Home and End to move to the first or last day of the month.


Mouse navigation is also supported:

Click on a day to select that day.
Click on Today to select the current date.
Click the arrow buttons to move one month at a time.
Click on the year, then click the up/down buttons to change years.
Click on the month, then select a month to change months.


Insert button: Copies the selected date to the clipboard, closes the pane (if the Close on insert checkbox is checked), and pastes the value at the last edited location in Ultra Recall.  It is the default button, so pressing Enter is the equivalent of clicking this button.


Copy button: Copies the selected date value onto the clipboard (so it can pasted elsewhere).


How to access:

Menu Bar: View | Other Windows | Calendar
Keyboard: Alt+C


Note: The current date and time can also be inserted at the current location via the keyboard shortcut Alt+Z.


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