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Matches Wildcard

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The Matches Wildcard [Does Not Match Wildcard] comparison operator locates Info Items or Info Items with the specified Attribute that match the specified wildcard expression.


The wildcard characters are the same as the typical command-line wildcards: ?, *, [], ^ and - characters.

? = matches any single character
* = matches 0 or more characters
[...] = match 1 character within the [ ] symbols
[^...] = match 1 character that is NOT within the [ ] symbols following the ^ symbol
- = can be used to specify a range within the [ ] symbols (ie. [a-z] will match any character in range between a and z



To match the ? and * characters as literals, use [?] and [*] respectively.
To match literal [ and ] characters, enter [[ or ]].
The Matches Wildcard operator is case-insensitive (A matches 'A' or 'a').


A Quick Search uses an (Item) Contains Keywords <keywords entered> type of criteria, unless one of the wildcard operators, or the " (double quote) symbol is included in the criteria, in which case a Matches Wildcard criteria will be used instead.


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