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System Requirements


Ultra Recall runs on Microsoft Windows 7 thru Windows 11.
About 20 MB free disk space.
256-color and 800 x 600 resolution display settings (Recommended: 16-bit color and 1024 x 768 resolution or greater).


Installation Procedure


1.Run the setup application (UltraRecallProEval.exe for the 32-bit edition or UltraRecallProX64Eval.exe for the 64-bit edition).
2.Follow the instructions on the installation dialogs.  Please note that the software can only be installed for the number of computers or users it has been licensed for.  Visit the Kinook Software web site for more information.
3.The Install rich edit control with table support option will install a version of the rich edit control that supports tables.  Newer versions of riched20.dll provide better display of advanced RTF features such as tables and other formatting, but could also contain bugs not found in older versions.  If you check a rich edit option during installation but later wish to revert to the system version, delete riched20.dll from the Ultra Recall installation path (typically C:\Program Files\UltraRecall) or uninstall Ultra Recall and reinstall with the rich edit options unchecked.
4.Checking the Internet Explorer/Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird/Postbox, and Outlook options will install additional integration with those applications.
5.Once Ultra Recall has been successfully installed, you will find new start menu icons for Ultra Recall.  Entries for the application, help, and samples will be available.


Portable Installation


Ultra Recall (Professional edition only) can also be installed and run from a USB stick or other removable device.  To install Ultra Recall on a portable device, download the UR Portable ZIP file and extract its contents (preserving folders) to a folder on the portable device (i.e., \UltraRecall).  To run Ultra Recall from the portable device, simply double-click UltraRecall.exe in the folder the ZIP file was extracted to.  When run from a removable device, all options, registration, and customizations will be stored and read to/from INI files in the same path as UltraRecall.exe.


Note: To force Ultra Recall to run in portable mode (for instance, when run from a regular hard drive or a USB hard drive that isn't identified as removable), create an empty text file named UltraRecall.ini in the same path as UltraRecall.exe and restart Ultra Recall.


Note: The main installer performs several tasks which are not performed when running the portable version, including:

Creation of Windows Start menu shortcuts
Associating .urd files with Ultra Recall
Configuring Windows to start Ultra Recall during logon
Registering the ur URL protocol (required for correct operation of internal links)
Installing newer versions of the rich edit control
Installing Internet Explorer/Explorer, Firefox/Thunderbird/Postbox, and Outlook toolbars/extensions
Installing sample databases