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Insert Table Dialog

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The Insert Table dialog is used to insert a table into the Rich Text Editor.


Table cell values can be edited and additional rows can be added by tabbing through the table cells.  Existing rows can be deleted by selecting the row (click to the left of the table row) and pressing Delete.  Tables can also be created and modified by editing a rich text item externally in Office, WordPad, or another rich text editor.



Width and padding are specified in twips (1440 twips = 1 inch).
This feature requires RICHED20.DLL version 5.50 or later (as shown in Help | About | Install Info) to be installed in the Ultra Recall installation folder.  This can be done during installation by checking the Install rich edit control with table support option.  If Office 2007 or later is installed and the Use Office rich edit control option is checked during installation, additional table editing features will be available (resizing of columns and rows, etc.).


How to access:

Menu Bar: Format | Insert Table
Format Toolbar