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Status Bar

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The Status Bar is the optional band across the bottom of the Ultra Recall application.  You show or hide the Status Bar based on whether the Menu Bar entry [ View | Status Bar ] is checked or not.




Each section of the Status Bar contains specific information (from left to right):

1st: Indicates the current status of any pending operation (such as retrieving a web page)

2nd: Lists the number of Info Items in the Related Items Pane

3rd: Lists the number of Info Items in the Item Parents Pane

4th: Lists the number of keywords for the selected Info Item (blank for multiple selection)

5th: Indicates the row and column of the cursor while editing text/rich text.

6th: Indicates whether in INSERT [INS] or OVERWRITE [OVR] mode while editing text/rich text.

7th: CAPS lock indicator: Either blank or CAP

8th: Num lock indicator: Either blank or NUM

9th: Scroll lock indicator: Either blank or SCRL

10th: Read-only indicator (read-only file, no user write rights, running in viewer, or in viewer mode due to expired license [also a startup notification in this case]): Either blank or READ