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  1. Best practice for a build environment?
  2. Bracket characters
  3. Creating logfiles
  4. Failure Steps
  5. Delete a directory
  6. Environment variable such as ERRORLEVEL
  7. Passing a path as a macro to another project
  8. Propagating Ignore fail to child steps
  9. Way to suppress individual steps from the logging
  10. Failure steps are not being called.
  11. Copy Files action
  12. FAILSTEP_NAME not being set
  13. ATTRIB Run program step not working
  14. Clipboard/Write to file
  15. Conditional Branching
  16. File driven build
  17. Timestamping files
  18. Scheduling the Command Line Version
  19. bug
  20. Problems with WMAKE
  21. Parameters in Macros
  22. Global Scripts
  23. How can I use VisualBuild in this environment?
  24. Multi-platform builds
  25. Failed to Create Empty Document
  26. Trigger the build process to terminate???
  27. How to Terminate the Subroutine execution
  28. Custom Action: Invalid class string
  29. exit code 128
  30. why do i keep getting this
  31. How to Call Subroutine of Included Project
  32. Upgrade Installation from 4.x to 5.0
  33. Execute Failure Step
  34. Using VBScript arrays
  35. Checkboxes
  36. Build only if macro or expression
  37. Odd read .INI behavior
  38. Dynamic Email Attachments
  39. User Actions - Sample .NET Components
  40. Deleting COM+ Components
  41. System Macro are read only can not be changed why
  42. Error connecting to SMTP server
  43. How to send Visual Build log file by e-mail
  44. Registered eval with key, now Help is gone
  45. Copy step won't delete my folder
  46. macros containing macros
  47. VisBuildPro self-exit and self-save
  48. Newbie Question
  49. BUG Report
  50. Why are steps Skipped
  51. Custom Validation and UI component states
  52. BUG report (or known issue?)
  53. Custom Validation and UI component states
  54. User Actions
  55. changing Global File location
  56. Can't open VBP : Error Loading Action list
  57. Rebuild Selected and "Process Files"
  58. Inserting brackets into a file
  59. DBCS Support
  60. eMail errors
  61. Process Files for a list of file names
  62. How to disable steps trace in the log?
  63. Multiple dos cmds in a cmd box does not seem to work
  64. Conditional build rule and grandchild steps
  65. Email Text vs Attachment
  66. Question on Calling Subroutines
  67. BP compilation SLOW upgrading to XP
  68. Print the step list
  69. getting standard output from OSQL
  70. Unspecified Error
  71. Rename file(s)
  72. Newbie Question
  73. XML Transform
  74. Problem using the VBP automation objects in C#
  75. Upload directory with files via FTP
  76. Install font (TTF)
  77. New Macro values dont take effect until restart
  78. All of my build rules are being ignored...?
  79. Looping for each line in a file
  80. Where does one download 4.x?
  81. read a value from an xml file and store in a macro
  82. First FTP step always fails
  83. stop execution in one group and continue in the next
  84. save project programmatically
  85. Any way to do simultaneous telnets?
  86. Capture output of commands run in telnet
  87. Setting Ignore Failure for all subroutine steps
  88. Difficulty w/conditional build rule and script expression
  89. How to get VisualBuild (3.x) to recognize ERRORLEVEL from a batch file?
  90. E-mail Authentication errors
  91. Formatting Date and Time
  92. Batch file can't find program
  93. Anyone used VisualBuild for managing component repository
  94. How to signal that custom perl script has failed.
  95. How to suppress display of custom script code.
  96. Can't get single quotes to work properly.
  97. Read Registry?
  98. Logging when chaining projects
  99. Using Visual Build through a firewall
  100. Log corruption?
  101. Problem with Replace in File
  102. ZIP Files Created with Visual Build Fail
  103. step output from custom user action
  104. Call VBP steps from within script?
  105. Removing line returns in Visual Build
  106. html in email and attachment
  107. Can't get DATETIME macro value
  108. Corrupt Log File
  109. Build Numbers
  110. SMTP config
  111. vbld_stepdone
  112. Output - Wrong order of returned lines using 'Run Program' to launch Perl scripts
  113. Calling other Visual Build Pro Projects
  114. ExpandMacrosEx
  115. Automating build file creation
  116. Process Files question
  117. Appending Files
  118. What is EXIT CODE -1073741676
  119. Scope of script objects and VisBuild steps
  120. Fail steps in multiple projects
  121. DOSCMD recursive COPY NUL fails with exit code 104
  122. New Line in mulitine edit controls
  123. Adding Steps dynamically...
  124. Date-specific logfile
  125. Copy Files - Exclude File Path
  126. Copy Files (purge)
  127. Calculate duration based on %DATETIME%
  128. Replace in File
  129. Is there a way to alert thru mobile phone's sms service?
  130. Calling Process Files in a subroutine
  131. Sorting files in a process files step
  132. Controlling timestamp used for copied files
  133. Passing commandline parameters that have spaces with DOSCMD
  134. parameters tab
  135. version 5.3
  136. Unrecoverable Parse Error
  137. Unspecified error
  138. activex component can't create object
  139. Command line parameters
  140. Problem with VisBuild.Interop assembly
  141. Problem with 3.5b (parent-child issue)
  142. Consuming Web Services
  143. Force a failure step
  144. Missing macro error recovery
  145. Pass the value of a Macro to a Script Variable
  146. Scheduled Tasks
  147. replacing sections in XML
  148. Running the build script upon opening
  149. Capture particular step's output
  150. dll doesn't show up on the taskbar
  151. Determining if a Step is checked
  152. Collapse trees shortcut key
  153. Referencing dlls from Vbscript
  154. Problems with Net use when running Visual Build Pro as a scheduled task.
  155. Import the *.bld into SQL XSD XML
  156. sleep in VBScript
  157. need help passing params to DOS cmd
  158. "Error Loading View :Macro Name Required."
  159. Failures in called vbp don't stop caller
  160. Problems running through terminal services.
  161. Macro no eval properly in script
  162. Debugging scripts
  163. Conditional Build Problem
  164. high cpu usage for "Process Files" step, other options?
  165. Ideas on using VBP in multiple stages needed
  166. Generate a "Beep" in VBScript
  167. FTP Active or Passive?
  168. Problems with "Replace In File"
  169. Reg_Read
  170. Impatient Child?
  171. "All parameters must be used in the macro value"
  172. Replace in File query
  173. Access Denied - Remote Project
  174. Automated build problem
  175. How do I use a Date/Time Function
  176. Outputting Elapsed Time in HTML
  177. Error converting XML log to HTML
  178. Macro Error causes VBP to freeze
  179. Failure to return a fail!
  180. Large project question
  181. Zip Function for adding sub directories
  182. Creating Temp Macros using VB.Net Actions
  183. 64-Bit
  184. Only one top level element is allowed error
  185. Get command output into Macro
  186. Minor Issues
  187. ResetBuildStatus -- endless loop.
  188. Logging
  189. User defined action for iterations (like Process Files)
  190. Problem with XSLT and Send Mail
  191. Error running 5.5
  192. Parent - Child Conditional Step Ignored
  193. is there a way to clear macros from a vbscript
  194. How to run DOS commands in Run Script
  195. Dynamic Build does *nothing*
  196. Set "Copy Subdirectories" flag via script
  197. Running subroutine from another build
  198. Scheduled Task Does nothing
  199. Access Parameters of a Subroutine Call from script
  200. Conditional Text Search
  201. VisBuild.exe - Application Error
  202. Creating a share with specific permissions
  203. Replace in file: How to replace a single string by multiple lines?
  204. “Class not registered” error under User account
  205. Run Program doesn't run consistently
  206. Easier way to open VBP projects which are used as a step
  207. how to remove files from a zip archive
  208. unzip action enhancement
  209. how to show a message in build view
  210. Build calling another build
  211. Replace in binary file problem
  212. Zipping files from multiple folders
  213. Scheduled Build not work ??
  214. Send Mail Issue
  215. getting the output of the console
  216. Passing regex match to a script function
  217. put current date/time in generated file
  218. How to replace in files with [] in file name?
  219. Bug in Scheduled Tasks dialog
  220. Setting an env. var. from custom action step error...
  221. vbld_StepDone event and Step.BuildStatus
  222. How a Custom Action kwnows that the build is stopped or cancelled?
  223. vbld_BuildDone event not firing?
  224. Error expanding macros in property Message
  225. Problems with FTP
  226. Passing parameters
  227. Setting AssemblyKeyFileAttribute property in assemblyinfo.vb
  228. PROCFILES_FILENAME macro not updated
  229. Illegal macro value
  230. Timeout running FTP
  231. "runas administrator" installs supported?
  232. Type mismatch 'CreateShortcut '
  233. VisBuild.Pro - Application Error too
  234. IDE caption bar to show full path to bld file
  235. Passing many macros to another project
  236. Multiple conditional rules?
  237. Rename file
  238. Problem with ‘Send Mail’ in VBP 5.6
  239. Bug in "Replace in File" in 5.6?
  240. System macro for short file names?
  241. Copy file with rename
  242. Best way to end a build when you've decided a step should timeout?
  243. SMTP issues in 5.6a
  244. Application log question
  245. Move installation to new build server
  246. How to make a blocking telnet cmd ?
  247. passing parameters to sub-projects and environment variables
  248. Replace in Files (looping possible?)
  249. Where can i get the build status of a step that has ignore fail checked
  250. Processing files from a list in a file