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Several sample Info Databases are provided to demonstrate the features and advantages of Ultra Recall.  The samples are located in the Ultra Recall Samples subfolder of the My Documents folder and are also accessible from the Start Menu at Programs -> Ultra Recall -> Samples (if included during installation).


Note: The sample databases are not overwritten when reinstalling or removed when uninstalling (since the user can modify or add their own data).  To delete the samples completely (or to install the latest samples when reinstalling), open the My Documents folder (Start Menu -> Documents) and delete the Ultra Recall Samples subfolder.



Included Samples


Books.urd demonstrates managing a database of books in Ultra Recall.


Contacts.urd shows how to manage a list of contacts and related reminders.


Document Summary.urd demonstrates capturing document summary information as attributes and/or text when importing, importing icons into Ultra Recall for use within an Info Database, custom Stored Document Templates (for creating Microsoft Office or other documents directly within Ultra Recall) and much more.


Intro.urd provides an introduction to Ultra Recall and its potential uses.


Issue Tracking.urd contains issues discovered and fixed during development of Ultra Recall and demonstrates the use of Flags, advanced searches, a custom template, Limited Searches, and more.


Journal.urd demonstrates keeping a journal and utilizing custom templates, layouts, and advanced searches.


Web.urd shows how to use Ultra Recall for managing web bookmarks and performing web research.



Professional Edition only


Advanced Search.urd shows some uses for Nested Searches, relational operators, and other advanced searches.


Cameras.urd demonstrates the use of a custom template, custom attributes, a customized Related Items Pane layout, multiple column sorting, and some advanced searches.


GTD.urd shows one way to manage a Getting Things Done process in Ultra Recall, utilizing flags, custom attributes, advanced searches, and nested searches.


Outlook.urd demonstrates use of Ultra Recall's extensive Outlook synchronization capabilities.


Software Inventory.urd demonstrates icon retrieval of documents, advanced searches, hierarchical organization in the Data Explorer Pane, Limited Searches, a custom template, and more.


Vehicle Maintenance.urd shows how to keep track of vehicle maintenance by utilizing composite templates, column layouts, reminders, forms, custom item titles, and more.