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Reminders can optionally be configured to recur or "repeat" on a frequency specified by the value of the Recurring attribute.


When a recurring reminder recurs, the Info Items's Begin Date attribute value is advanced by the value specified by the Info Item's Recurring value.  In addition, when a reminder is first recurred (after being dismissed via the Reminder Dialog) an Original Begin Date auto attribute is added with the initially specified Begin Date attribute value.


The Reminder will recur when either one of the following events occurs:

The reminder is dismissed with the Reminder Dialog (and the End Date attribute value (if specified) is passed)
The End Date/End Time combination is passed (if specified) or Begin Date/Begin Time combination is passed when visual reminder notifications are not being displayed (specified on the Search/Reminder tab of the Options dialog)


You can either select one of the predefined Recurrence values, or enter a manual value (a non-zero number + a predefined denomination):

daily / day(s)
weekday(s) (Monday through Friday only)
weekly / week(s)
monthly / month(s)
quarterly / quarter(s)
yearly / year(s)

Some manually entered Recurring value samples:

2 days
1 weekday (ie, a Friday Begin Date will advance to the following Monday)
8 weeks
2 quarters
3 years


Note: The read-only Pending Reminder Auto System attribute will display when the reminder is set to occur, which will also advance when the Info Item recurs.


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