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Attributes Options

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The Attributes tab of the Options dialog configures settings that are related to System Attributes and the Item Attributes Pane.


System Attributes to display: The System Attributes checked in this list will be displayed in the Item Attributes Pane / Related Items Pane and will be available to Advanced Searches.


Tab key starts item attribute editing and edits next attribute: If this box is checked, hitting the Tab key when the focus is on an Attribute Name in the Item Attributes Pane will starting editing of that Attribute's value.  Hitting the Tab key while editing an Attribute value will start editing of the next Attribute value.


Use popup date control for date attributes: If checked, clicking on a Date attribute type will edit the date in a popup control.  If unchecked, Date attributes will be edited inline with an up/down button to change the month, day, and year.