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New Features in Visual Build Pro Version 4

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Tree display of steps, with ability to expand and collapse steps


Custom action screens and components for many third party development tools to simplify the creation of build scripts


Drag-and-drop adding of steps for custom actions


Extensive debugging features (single-stepped execution, breakpoints, pause, etc.)


Colorization of build output for easier navigation


Editing and execution of Windows Script is fully integrated into Visual Build


Full support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (of course, Visual Studio 6.0 is still supported as well)


Ability to generate XML log files


Many new user-configurable options


Shortcuts to easily jump to matching output for a step and vice versa, Go to a top-level step, open a filename displayed in the build output, and more (see View menu).


Multiple failure steps can be defined in a project


Subroutine steps allow modularizing code within a single project


The build status of the steps can be saved in the project file


COM Automation interface to access all application and build components programmatically


Console application to run locally or remotely without requiring interactive desktop access or a GUI


Global macros and application options are stored in XML files instead of a user-specific registry key


Single-click testing of steps


Option for macros to be added to environment variables


Search and replace in macros and script as well as steps


Enhancements to tool tip feature


Ability to specify multiple ranges of successful exit codes for the Run Program custom action