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Why Visual Build?

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Save Time and Money


Automating your builds with Visual Build can save many hours of manual effort every month and easily pay for itself in the first month alone.


Improve Product Quality


By implementing a regular build process, your team's software quality will improve and bugs will be found and repaired more quickly.


Avoid Boring Jobs


Visual Build performs the menial, repetitive tasks so you can focus on the fun, challenging stuff.


Eliminate Key-Person Dependencies


"Tribal knowledge" about the build procedure (often kept only in people's heads) will be replaced by a documented build framework.


Create a Permanent Build Record


XML and HTML project files and log files, which become part of your project's source code (and can be maintained in source control), provide a persistent, documented record for your builds.


Have Fun!


Visual Build is the fun, easy way to automate your software builds.  Give it a try today.