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Each Ultra Recall Toolbar is highly customizable, and new Toolbars can also be created and deleted to suit your needs.


Toolbar modifications you can make:

Create and Remove new Toolbars
Hide or Display individual Toolbars
Add or Remove Buttons
Reposition/Dock/Undock Toolbars


Toolbar Customization can be accomplished in two ways:

1) By displaying the Customize Dialog

Tools | Customize (from the menu)
Right-click any Toolbar, then choose Customize
Clicking the Down Arrow at the end of each Toolbar, then choosing Customize

2) Add/Remove/Reset buttons for a Toolbar with the menu available by clicking the Down Arrow at the right end of each Toolbar



Customizations should be performed with only one database open, and exit and restart Ultra Recall after customizing.
Toolbar, menu, and keyboard customizations are stored in the user's application data folder (%APPDATA%\Kinook Software\Ultra Recall or C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Kinook Software\Ultra Recall). To reset all user customizations to their defaults, exit Ultra Recall and delete all Layout*.dat and UltraRecall.dat files in the above folder.