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Reposition Toolbars

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Ultra Recall Toolbars can be repositioned (docked) around the entire perimeter of the Ultra Recall application, or even undocked, which converts them into a detached dialog, and can be placed anywhere on the screen.


How to reposition an Ultra Recall Toolbar:

1.Drag the Toolbar to the desired location
If currently docked, drag the Toolbar from the Toolbar handle at the left-edge to (see the docked Format Toolbar depicted below)
If currently undocked, drag the Toolbar by its upper blue caption bar (see the undocked Format Toolbar depicted below)

Note: If you drop the Toolbar around the perimeter of the Ultra Recall application, the Toolbar will become docked.

Note 2: The outline that is displayed as you drag indicates where the Toolbar will dock when the mouse is released.


The Format Toolbar in undocked mode:




The Format Toolbar in docked mode: