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Copy and Paste to Other Applications

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Copy and Paste can be used to copy content from Ultra Recall to other applications.


Edit | Copy (Ctrl+C) will place the selected Item Titles (for applications that support dropping of text), the selected item's URL (for applications that support dropping of URLs), and the selected item's document (for applications that support dropping of files).


Edit | Copy Extended (Ctrl+Shift+C) is also available which places additional information on the clipboard depending on the active pane. Note: The caption of this menu item changes to better reflect the extended copy action to be performed.


From the Data Explorer or Search Pane: The Item Title + <tab> + the URL (when available) is placed on the clipboard.
From the Related Items Pane: The contents of selected rows (or the entire grid if no rows are selected) is placed on the clipboard, delimited by Tabs.  This can be useful for copying to Excel, for instance.
From Contact Editor: places the mailing address of the currently displayed contact on the clipboard.
From Item Attributes Pane: places all attribute names + values from this pane on the clipboard, delimited by Tabs.
From Internal Browser View: places the current page shortcut (URL) to the clipboard.


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